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You can’t use yesterday’s tools to do today’s work!

As freelancers and solopreneurs, we are working in fast changing world, especially the digital one. Yesterday’s best tool may be a history tomorrow, and any tool became one update away from being better than the current best tool, it became like a musical chairs game! But one thing didn’t change: you can’t use yesterday’s tools to do today’s work.

You can’t use yesterday’s tools to do today’s work
But finding today’s best tool is never easy
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But finding today’s best tool is never easy!

being a freelancer myself for the past 6 years, I can tell you that finding today’s best tool is a hard job, 5 years ago when I first realized that in order to become better and more successful freelancer I have to use the right tools, so I developed a habit of weekly searching and trying out different tools, I’ve been doing this for 5 years now.

What that means is that I have to be active on Product Hunt, do weekly searches for alternative tools to the tools that I already know, follow lots of blogs that publish new tools, subscribe to tons of newsletters, and much more.

At some point, I realized that this habit takes around 2 hours a week (with the help of RescueTime), and I can make more money if I dedicated this time to work, but I was telling myself that some of the tools I find save me a lot more time, so it’s totally worth it. Only a few months ago I started asking a different question: Why there is no better way to do this? And this question is what gave birth to the idea of Tools For Freelancers.

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Freelancers First, Not SEO, Not Affiliate!

What I noticed in my 5 years tools collecting journey was that what makes it really hard to find the right tools are basically 3 things:

  1. Popular tools usually have a better SEO strategy, which means that other tools don’t get enough attention from search engines.
  2. Some tools just get more popular because they offer generous affiliate commissions, not because they’re really better.
  3. Sometimes the right tools are still new or made by one founder or a small team and they didn’t grow big yet so finding them is hard.

Here on Tools For Freelancers, we’re on a mission to change that FOREVER! Our goal is to help freelancers find the right tools (because the best tools are not always the right tools). We know this because we’re freelancers, and we used these tools, tested them, sent them to our friends and colleagues, asked for their opinion, and built entire workflows based on multiple combinations of them.

We don’t care about SEO, and we also don’t care about how generous the affiliate commission for some of these tools might be, In fact, we mark tools like Clockify, Mailbird, Wallet …etc. as Our Choice even though they don’t even have an affiliate program, just because we use them, we love them, and we believe that they are better.

This doesn’t mean that we are not enrolled in affiliate programs, we are enrolled in some tools affiliate programs, but we only think of it as a way of supporting this project, because this is how we can sustain this website and add more tools to make it more useful each day, we just don’t recommend tools based on their affiliate commissions.

Freelancers First Not SEO Not Affiliate
What we do and how we do it
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What we do, and how we do it!

When a magician performs a trick it looks simple, however, he worked really hard to perform it in this simple way, what we do here on Tools For Freelancers is almost the same!

We first define the problem that we have as freelancers, then we seek to find new tools that can help us solve these problems, we test them for 2-14 days, then we validate them and rate them on their ability to either fix a problem that we’re facing or to help us improve our workflow and how we’re working.

After that we categorize them, organize them, and give them honest descriptions, and Abra Kadabra! we share them here, in this one well-organized community where you can easily find the right tools to help you become a better and more successful freelancer.


Disclaimer: Some of the links of the tools on our website are related to affiliate marketing programs, meaning that we get a small commission when you use them at no extra cost to you. This is mainly to support and sustain the website and make it available for everyone all the time, thank you for your supporting Tools For Freelancers.

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